6th European Phycological Congress (EPC6)


23-28 August 2015

The European Phycological Congress series began in Cologne in 1996.  Since that meeting in Germany the Congress has travelled through Europe to Italy, Northern Ireland, Spain and Greece.  The aim of the Congress is to bring together phycologists from across the world and from all branches of the discipline to take in the latest discoveries in the field, to engage in lively debate, to take the subject forward and to leave with new research avenues to explore.

We are delighted to be hosting the EPC6 in London, an international city of over 8 million people, with many different cultures and over 300 spoken languages. Founded in AD50 by the Romans, the city is replete with culture, archaeology, history and finance. A modern city with soaring sky scrapers, much loved parks and historical buildings, London is also a city of learning with more of the world’s top 100 universities than any other city in the world.