Accommodation and how to arrive to the NoMorFilm WORKSHOP ON MICROALGAE: CULTIVATION AND BIOPRODUCTS (29-30 November 2018)

27 September 2018

All the attendees to the Workshop could find below Information about accommodation, how to arrive and a Coimbra map with train stations and workshop place.

Venue: Coimbra Collection of Algae (ACOI), Department of Life Sciences, University of Coimbra, Portugal. Meeting and workshop will take place at:  São Bento Building (a building next to the Botanical Garden), Calçada Martim de Freitas, 2nd floor, sala 2.4.

Where to stay: There is a very diverse accommodation offer at Coimbra, you may find Hotels, Hostels, RB&B, Gesthouses within a range of conditions and prices. We selected a list of options, some of which have special rates offered for the event attendees, you may find a note in the list provided below. For reservations with special rates you are subjected to room availability and are required to state in the email you are attending the ”NoMorFilm Meeting and the WORKSHOP ON MICROALGAE: CULTIVATION AND BIOPRODUCTS”.
1. Quinta das Lágrimas Hotel*****,, special rates
2. IBN-Arrik Hotel****,, special rates
3. Sapientia Boutique Hotel****,, special rates
4. Casa de S. Bento GestHouse,
5. IBIS Hotel**,, special rates
6. H33studio studios

How to arrive:
1. Get to the nearest train station: a) from the Sá Carneiro airport, Porto (110 km to Coimbra), subway (line E) to get to Campanhã train station (33 min); b) from the Humberto Delgado airport, Lisbon (210 km to Coimbra), there are two train stations, Santa Apolónia and Oriente; we recommend traveling by taxi to Orient train station (about 3 km from the airport).
2. Travel by train to Coimbra, the destination is Coimbra-B train station. Schedules are regularly updated and may be found at Portuguese railway CP webpage,
3. We recommend leaving the train at Coimbra-B train station and traveling by taxi to the accommodation. You can also leave the train at Coimbra-B station and change to commuter train to Coimbra station situated in the old city, called "Baixa" (downtown), this connection does not require a ticket. You will also find taxi services at both stations.

>> If you prefer to travel to Coimbra from the airport by bus you may find regular services from the main operator Rede Expressos, for information on schedules please go to
>> Information about the urban transport network of Coimbra are available

Coimbra map with train stations and meeting place marked