10 January 2017

The 2 Schools participating at II Almería University Contest are Instituto de Educación Secundaria (IES) La Mojonera and Instituto de Educación Secundaria (IES) Azcona

The working scheme applied was the same introduced in the first edition: 1 h seminar at the selected Secondary School by researchers enrolled in the project introducing the principles of the “Blue Economy” European Commission's initiative, the NOMORFILM project and the rules of the Contest itself. These include the procedure for elaborating the posters, possible topics, and the process for the poster exhibition at the University of Almería. The schedule for these activities was as follows:

  • Seminar at IES La Mojonera: 06.10.2016; speaker: Fernando López Ortiz; audience of ca 40 students.
  • Seminar at IES Azcona: 13.10.2016; speaker: Raquel M. González Soengas; audience of ca 50 students.

The audience consisted of students of the first and second year of the Secondary School studies of all scientific specialties offered by the IES (biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics). Dissemination of contest edition was carried out by posters at the selected schools

Poster advertising the II NoMorFilm Contest at UAL.

Both IES contributed with 12 students to the Contest. IES Azcona provided 12 posters (individual student’s participation), whereas students from IES La Mojonera worked in teams of three members and delivered 4 posters. Posters were received at UAL by 25 November 2016, corrected by the NOMORFILM team, send back to the students to implement the corrections and comments raised and then send to print by December 12.

Poster exhibition took place on Saturday 17th December 2016 at the Lobby of the Chemistry Building, University of Almería. This uncommon day of performing the activity was agreed with the teachers of the IES as the only date available for the students after they had finished their first quarter exams and prior of the Christmas holydays. Although it was not a school day, the exhibition was achieved according to the expected program. Firstly, Prof. Manuel Ángel Gómez Cámara (Director of Access Secretariat and Secondary School Relationships) welcomed all participants of the contest. Next the students explained their works (from 10 to 13 h) to the jury (NOMORFILM team) and Chemistry PhD students according to the format of a poster’s session of a scientific meeting including a small coffee break-type catering.