03 February 2017

The 2 Schools participating at ACOI Contest during 2016-17 academic year were:

a) Escola Secundária Dom Dinis, Rua Adriano Lucas, 3020-264 Coimbra, Portugal. Phone: +351 239 497 570, esddiniscbr@gmail.com.

Contact Biology Teacher: Rosário Nisa, rnisa@sapo.pt

b) Escola Secundária Escola Básica e Secundária Quinta das Flores, Rua Pedro Nunes 3030-199 Coimbra, Portugal. Phone: +351 239 791230.

Contact Biology Teacher: António Vaz, arebelovaz@gmail.com

Two separate meetings with directors and biology teachers of both schools took place during October 2016. The ACOI team presented the project and contest and relevant topics were defined in order to ensure the participation of a significant number of students in the contest.


The Seminars occurred in November 3rd in D. Dinis school and in November 7th in Quinta das Flores school. The Powerpoint presentation was the same as last year’s with slight modifications: the first part is focused on delivering basic information concerning microalgae and the ACOI collection, then general information regarding the Horizon 2020 and the bluegrowth initiative, and finally some slides explaining the contest including the rules, deadlines and prizes. 


A total number of 21 students from both Secondary Schools participated with a Poster in this second edition of the contest (2016-2017).

Poster preparation

In both schools the biology teachers were involved in motivating and helping the students and the Biology class was partly used for preparing the Posters. The contest was open for 7 weeks, from 7th November to 23rd December, the due date for receiving the Posters from the participants. After receiving all Posters via email, they were graded according to the NoMorFilm Evaluation Criteria file.


The 10 best Posters were printed out and exhibited at the gallery of Botany of the Science Museum, sited at the sixtieth century building Colégio de S. Bento, from the 21st to the 28th of January 2017. The opening day started with a short talk by the ACOI team explaining the NoMorFilm project and the contest. Then each student gave a short presentation of their Poster in front of the jury. The grades obtained by the students for their presentation skills were added to the classification grid and the two winning students were announced.

The winners...

Each of the two students that prepared the winning Posters received the prizes: the a scientific stay at the ACOI labs and a voucher representing the complementary prize, a diving baptism resulting from collaboration of the UC partner with the “Coimbra Dive Club” http://www.coimbradiveclub.com/ which offered the two baptisms. All participant students received a certificate of Appreciation.

NoMorFilm SEMINARS in the 2 participating schools, D. Dinis (left and center) and Quinta das Flores (right); (2) the EXHIBITION opening (left), student PRESENTATION of the Posters to an audience of colleagues, teachers, journalists and the jury (center) and the two winning students (right); (3) the PRIZE for the two winning students, the stay at the ACOI collection labs, performing hands-on extraction of UC strains (left and center) and the complementary prize, a diving baptism (right).