05 April 2017

The school participating at University of Copenhagen during 2016-17 academic year were Kalundborg Gymnasium og HF, J Hagemann-Petersens Alle 4, 4400 Kalundborg. A class of 15 students with specialization in chemistry participated. The students were allocated in to 5 groups (5 posters).

The students were given an introduction to H2020 followed by a description of the Nomorfilm project. They were introduced to the poster work and were help getting started with their posters. It was decided to give all 15 students a one-day stay in the Department of Veterinary Disease Biology. Before the stay in the Department of Veterinary Disease Biology the posters were printed and placed in the hall of the department.

The students came to the Department of Veterinary Disease Biology in the morning (24/03-2017) First the routine work in the department were explained and hereafter the students participated in necropsies of companion animals (Figure 23). Furthermore, the students were taken to the stables housing large experimental animals, where they were given a tour.

All posters were explained by the students and afterwards the winner poster was announced. The group behind the winner poster were: Louise Nicolaisen og Caroline Strandberg. All students received a diploma for participation and a special diploma was also given to the winners. All students received merchandise from University of Copenhagen.


Winners of this contest edition and UCPH merchandising that they got as prize.