19 July 2017

The School participating to the Second School Contest was Liceo Scientifico Niccolò Rodolico, Via Baldovinetti 5, Florence, which has two separate branches, one in the city and one in a nearby village in the hills around Florence. The teacher that was in charge of the contest was Prof. Isabella Mascaro. A poster for advertising the contest was prepared for this.

The Contest was scheduled in a different way compared to last year. The activity related to the poster was included as part of the teaching programme of a class including 20 students. There was no seminar from UNIFI personnel, which instead provided the material and interacted with the School teacher that held a lesson to the class concerning the arguments related to blue biotechnology and NOMORFILM related topics. The class was divided in seven groups, six including three students and one with two students. Each group prepared a poster. Unfortunately one group experienced a computer failure and lost their poster, so they were unable to participate to the contest. Six posters were finally received and exposed. The Jury was composed by Prof. Mario Tredici (president), Dr. Liliana Rodolfi (UNIFI and F&M), and Dr. Natascia Biondi (acting as secretary). The students presented their posters in the Central Court of the School of Agriculture on June 6, 2017.

Exposition and presentation of the posters of the Second NOMORFILM School Contest at UNIFI and a small coffee break while waiting the final decision of the Jury.

The winners...

The Jury adopted the criteria reported in Fig. 1 to select the winners of the Contest. The final decision was taken after the poster presentations. The results obtained are reported in the following table.
The students will also be evaluated by their teacher for the work performed as normal school activity.
All the participant students as well as the teacher were awarded the certificate of participation to the Contest and a certificate stating “prize winner” was awarded to each component of the winner group.
The winner was group 6, composed by Omar Award, Federico Daly and Martino Falorni with the poster “Meat is delicious”. 

Award of the participation certificate to the teacher Isabella Mascaro by the president of the Jury Prof. Mario Tredici (top left), award of the winner certificate to Federico Daly and Martino Falorni (I. Mascaro substitutes O. Awad, not present) by the President of the Jury (top right); group photo of the participants to the Second NOMORFILM School Contest at UNIFI with the members and president of the Jury (bottom).

The three winner students will be hosted at our laboratory for the 15-h stage in September. Authorization from the Department must be obtained on the basis of the current safety rules.