NoMorFilm and the EUROPEAN RESEARCHERS' NIGHT at Almeria

23 October 2019

As part of the dissemination activities carried out through the participation of the UAL NoMorFilm team in the “European Researchers’ Night two lectures entitled “Nuevas armas en la lucha contra las superbacterias” (New weapons to fight against superbacteria) were given at Secondary Schools of the province of Almeria:

  1. Raquel M. González Soengas: colegio saladares (Parador de las Hortichuelas, Almería, 23/09/2019)
  2. Fernando López Ortiz: Instituto de Educación Secundaria Valle del Andarax (Canjayar, Almería, 24/09/2019).

The audience consisted of 20 students of the first and second year of baccalaureate.
Besides the dissemination activity, the lectures were aimed at encouraging young people to pursue a career in science at the university.


In addition, a stand showing posters about the NoMorFilm project (main objectives and major achievements) was prepared and some basic activities related to the periodic table and UV spectroscopy were available to attract young people.

The journalist Inés Manjón of the radio station "Almería en la Onda, Onda Cero Almería” (magazine about news of Almería, 12.30-14.00) interviewed on 24/09/2019 the head of UAL NoMorFilm team Prof. Fernando López Ortiz who explained the NoMorfilm progresses in the context of the European Researchers Night.