Poster award winners: II secondary scholar contest organized by UAL

06 July 2017

Based on the experience of the first Contest, the price for the winners was established as a “Laboratory training week” (15 h) to be carried out along the last week of June 2017 (26 – 30 June), after the students had finished their exams.

The winners were:

  1. IES Azcona: Author: José Antonio Moreno Quesada. Title of the work: Mejora en la producción de biodiesel utilizando como materia prima las microalgas (Improved production of biodiesel using microalgae as raw material.
  2. IES La Mojonera: Authors:  Ana Antequera, Ana Huertas, Mireya López, Luz Montoya y José Morales. Title of the work: CRISPR.


Poster of the winner student J. A. Moreno Quesada, from IES Azcona (Almería, Spain).

Public poster session of the II NOMORFILM Contest 2016-2017.

Since one of the major limitations of the Secondary School studies in Almería is the access to laboratory work, and that all participants did their best to achieve the extra work that represents the Contest, it was decided that the “Laboratory training week” price would be extended to all students. To accomplish this task, each IES performed three experiments of three-hours-long sessions

The experiments carried out by the students were:

  1. Synthesis of Aspirin.
  2. Alcohol distillation from wine and iodine separation through sublimation.
  3. Separation of a binary mixture through liquid-liquid extraction and identification through thin-layer chromatography.