Poster award winners: II secondary scholar contest organized by KI

18 January 2017

In total 46 students and 3 teachers from the two selected schools have participated in this edition 2016-2017. The poster presentations from the two schools were gathered at one date in order to also stimulate exchange of experience. The poster exhibition was organised at a Public area of the Karolinska Institutet library on 13th of December 2016 and was announced by the design of a leaflet that was distributed at different places at the department/Institute. A Public area at the Karolinska Institutet library was selected for poster exhibition to also attract public audience.

Public exhibition of posters in December 2016.

The EU participants at KI and the school teachers graded the posters and commonly selected the winning work. Criteria were, beside the point according to the assessment form also performance of the pupils in the school and the major interest of the students. For selection of winner, three awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze) were awarded to three best posters from each school.

The students with the Gold posters were awarded to work in our research group at MTC, KI, Solna for 15h during one week on a project related subject while students with silver and bronze were given KI promotional goods as a Prize. During the stay in our laboratory, the winner students have worked on the impact of five different metal ions on the biofilm formation of Candida parapsilosis. Biofilm formation in 96 well plates was assayed after 48 h by the standard crystal violet assay at 30 C.

Students visit for 15h to KI research group