Poster award winners: IV secondary scholar contest organized by KI

In the IV edition of the Secondary Scholar contest, the students of Spånga Gymnasium and Didaktus Gymnasium Jakobsberg participated and prepared their posters.

20 March 2019

Professor Ute Römling, lead of the NoMorFilm KI research group, and her team, visited two secondary schools participating in the IV NoMorfilm contest: Spånga Gymnasium on 29-08-2018 and Didaktus Gymnasium Jakobsberg on 18-09-2018 and given a one hour seminar in English. The main aim of the seminar was to give an introduction into the European Commission initiative Horizon 2020 and the blue growth initiative followed by a description of the Nomorfilm project objectives and partners, and the NOMORFILM Contests rules. The basic impact of biofilms in the medical field was also elaborated.

Picture with Professor Ute Römling (left), her team and the Spånga Gymnasium’s students after delivery of Seminar


The poster exhibition was celebrated on 18th of December 2018 at the KI.