IV Edition of secondary scholar contest organized by UAL

In the IV edition of the Secondary Scholar contest, the IES Murgi students participated and prepared their posters. Students and teachers from this IES were very enthusiastic.

Taking into account that in this edition have participated the largest numbers of students and that the level of posters, explanations and answers to question was really remarkable, we decided to maintain the format of two winners. In 25th January 2019, at the hall of the Chemistry building of the University of Almería, 35 students explained the posters they have prepared. This poster is one of the 2 winners.
The Price…As in previous editions, the price will be a practicum at the end of the course (17-21 June) in our laboratories. Since El Ejido is relatively far from Almería (ca. 45 min by bus) and the students are still minors, it is expected that a teacher will accompany them in the travels.