16 August 2017

The winners...

The two student winners were Alicia Villanueva Megido (IES Peñamayor) and Johana González Corugedo (IES Menéndez Pidal).

Public exhibition and selection of the two winner posters at the Cloister of the Historical Building of the UNIOVI partner. Bottom pictures: the winners of the 2016-2017 edition

The prize...
During the week (10th to 14th July 2017) staying at the laboratory of research group BITTEN at the Department of Microbiology of the University of Oviedo (15 h in total), they practiced experiments in cultivation of Gram-negative (E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa) and Gram-positive bacteria, as well as some microalgae species (Chlorella, Scenedesmus, etc.).

Laboratory experiments of the two winner students of the 2016-2017 edition of the contest at the UNIOVI partner

They also practiced how to isolate plasmid and genomic DNA from bacteria, and how to quantify it (spectrophotometer) before proceeding to its digestion and visualization by agarose gel electrophoresis. They also observed how to transform ligated plasmid DNA into competent E. coli cells. Both students were also visualizing which types of native microbiota do they have in the hands, mouth, nasal cavity and mobile phones, and observed by Gram staining some of the isolated colonies. For these experiments, they prepared also liquid and solid culture media, and the corresponding buffers and solutions. Finally, they carried out a visit to our animal lab facilities and together with lab members they practiced kayaking in Sella river.

Kayak activity for the two winner students of the 2016-2017 edition of the contest at the UNIOVI partner.