NanomedPharma (NMP)

NanoMedPharma Limited (NMP) is a specialised company with a clear mission of contributing towards effective and safe healthcare products. The activities of NMP are cross-disciplinary incorporating science and technology to provide the best in class nanoscience by means of production, modification and application of nanomaterials to medicinal products. The project team, including NMP directors, collaborators and subcontractors,  benefit from highly skilled and innovative  members with excellent research and clinical practice track records in: advanced materials, nanochemistry, medicine, pharmacology, biosciences and clinical biochemistry.

NMP has been collaborating with several universities and companies for the proof of concept studies of a range of its developed nanoparticles in drug delivery (cancer research), antimicrobial materials and knowledge exchange programs. These projects have led to several novel nanomaterial products from which, some are currently under pre-manufacturing and commercialisation stages.

R&D section at NMP aims at developing novel nanomaterials for the applications in medicine and healthcare including medical sensors and diagnosis, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery and antibacterial surfaces.

NMP has recently performed proof of concept, market and commercialisation studies related to its recently developed novel antimicrobial agents. A new spin-off company (AntiGermNanocoating; AGN) has been formed to exploit our recent achievements in antimicrobial nanomaterials.   The novel methods developed by NMP provide peace of mind that the procedures for preparation of tailored and bespoke nanoparticles on various solid supports would not have deterimental enviromental risk factors. Indeed, innovative method of designing and manufacturing smart antibacterial nanaomaterials with pre-specified selectivity and specificity has been filed to obtain patent rights.

It is anticipated that NMP’s recent proof of concept results will support to develop a new range of novel nanobiomaterials and procedures that will be beneficial to NOMORFILM project.