PyroGenesis SA (PG)

PyroGenesis SA is a Greek innovative, knowledge-based SME with 8 employees, which develops and commercializes customized technologies and products in the fields of Innovative Coating Technologies. PyroGenesis’ continuous strategic objective is to enrich its production tools with novel coating techniques and materials. To achieve it, PyroGenesis has participated in several European and National R&D projects [characteristic examples are: NANOSPRAYING (GROWTH, FP5), - NEWBONE (IP-SMEs, FP6) - NAMACO (CRAFT, FP6), - BEARINGS (STREP, Aeronautics FP6), - ATLANTIS (IP, FP6), - ThinSi (FP7, Energy), - Particoat (FP7, NMP)]. All available Thermal Spray technologies are applied by PyroGenesis, according to the client request and the specific demands of each application: Plasma Spray mainly for ceramic (oxide) coatings, HVOF for wear resistant carbide and some metallic coatings, Wire Arc and Flame Spray for more common metallic coatings and finally, Vacuum Plasma Spray for specific RTD applications, Liquid Precursor Thermal Spray for liquid feedstock (slurries and solutions) with thermal sensitivity in higher temperatures. A strong expertise has also been obtained in thermal spraying of nanostructured powders, by preserving at the same time the pre-existing nanostructure. In addition, PyroGenesis is developing new Sol-Gel coatings in collaboration with National Technical University Athens (NTUA) laboratories.


The NOMORFILM project fits ideally with Pyrogenesis’ strategic interests, since the proposed coating is a technological challenge and its development will be attempted for the first time worldwide. The company will use its expertise gained from other EC RTD projects, related with thermal spraying of “thermally sensitive feedstock”. It is certain for the company that this task will be achieved thanks to the collaboration and mutual assistance of the excellent partners of our consortium, and that Pyrogenesis will arrive in new commercial products, resulting in the increase its product list and annual turnover.